Why You Need to Repair Sewer Damage Immediately

sewer repair

Have you noticed that your plumbing systems have been acting unusual? Then you should call a plumber immediately. Leaving sewer damage untreated can lead to costly repairs and cause an array of health problems for you and your family. Sewer repair is essential, especially when it can affect your daily routine by causing unplanned blockages in bathrooms and sinks. Let’s take a look at a few reasons why you need to repair sewer damage immediately. 

Allows You to Diagnose the Problem  

It’s important to get to the root of the cause. While having a clogged drain is as basic as everyday life, it can mean so much more. Having a clogged drain in your home can lead to sewer damage. If drains are not cleaned properly, as well as inspected by professional plumbers, there’s a chance they can become blocked or damaged. It’s essential you call a professional as you soon as you believe there might be damage in your sewer lines. By getting a plumber’s opinion, you can have the problem assessed and plan accordingly.  

Reduces Chances of Health Problems 

Waiting to call a plumber can cause serious problems down the line. If sewer damage is left unfixed, it can often lead to mold, toxins, as well as harmful bacteria. These toxins can spread into your home and affect you and your little ones. The best way to make sure these substances don’t affect you or your family is to call a plumber immediately. If left untreated, these dangerous substances can cause health problems like mold exposure. By acting fast, you can ensure these substances don’t exist within your home. In fact, your plumber can give you prevention tips as well as include a safeguard from such toxins if asked. 

Gives You Peace of Mind  

Since sewer repair is a difficult task, it’s better when professional plumbers handle such matters. Since plumbers are knowledgeable about sewer damage, they can discuss what steps need to be taken and what needs to be done. Instead of worrying about unplanned surprises, you can go about your daily life. For instance, a clogged sink can become frustrating; however, by calling a plumber to fix the issue, you can rest easy knowing everything will be fixed. That way, you can go about your daily routine without the hassle of inconveniences.  

Now that you know some reasons to repair sewer damage immediately, call a plumber if you see the warning signs. If you live in Los Angeles, Orange County, or the South Bay Area area, contact Team Rooter today. With affordable rates and reliable service, they offer customers friendly consultations. From over eight main services, Team Rooter provides extensive knowledge on all your plumbing needs. Whether it’s sewer repair, water heater services, or commercial plumbing, Team Rooter does it all. So don’t hesitate to call a friendly technician. For more information about their services, visit their website.  

Team Rooter Commercial Services

Team Rooter provides the best commercial services

When your business starts to experience a plumbing issue, it’s easy to become worried and stressed. With Team Rooter, all of your stress and worries will be no more. We provide the best commercial services for all your plumbing needs. Check out all of the different services we can provide you and your business. Now you’ll no longer have to be concerned about your business’s plumbing problems. 

Drain Cleaning 

If the drain or pipes in your sink, tubs, or toilets become clogged or broken, we’re here to help. We can work with any type of drain issue you may be facing. We utilize the best level of equipment combined with high-quality service as we work to get your drain issues back to normal. 

Hydrojetting Commercial Services

What exactly is hydrojetting? This is the process of utilizing high-pressure water in order to properly clean out drains. Any type of pipe or drains you find backed up or having issues with flowing water can be easily cleaned with this method. We can simply release this pressured water into your pipes to have them working good as new in no time. 

Advanced Video Technology 

Sometimes the problem with your pipes is hard to diagnose from the outside. This is why we have state of the art video cameras that can be easily placed inside of your plumbing system. By watching the footage from these cameras in the pipes, we can best determine what the problem is. This makes it easier to find out what’s wrong and a quicker way to getting it fixed. 

Leak Repair Commercial Services

Sometimes a leak can occur without anyone even noticing it. To help with this, our commercial plumbing team can detect any leak before it starts to worsen. If a leak remains in your business for too long, it can cause further damage to other parts of your business as well. We can help spot this leak and fix it before it gets out of hand. 

Troubleshooting and Inspection 

Our team is filled with inspectors who are highly trained and qualified to find tanks and pipes that are experiencing plumbing issues or damage. Some plumbing problems are harder to detect than others. So we provide careful determination for finding any possible leaks that may be occurring. We’ll provide the necessary commercial services to fix any problems we’ve noticed. 

Septic Tank Repair 

If you’re noticing any issues with your septic tank, give our commercial services team a call. We specialize in installation, flushing, and repairing any type of septic tank issues you’re facing. There is no septic tank problem too big or small for us to tackle and conquer. 

Emergency Commercial Services 

We know emergencies can occur unexpectedly. We want to help as best as we can. This is why we will provide you with the top emergency services needed. We are available whenever you need us and will fix any plumbing damage as soon as possible. 

Basic Plumbing Needs 

If you see anything out of the ordinary happening with your plumbing and need someone to come to check it out, we’re the team for you. We can arrive at your business quickly to help fix any type of plumbing issue, big or small. Give us a call today to learn about how we can provide any of these plumbing services to help your business’s plumbing operate efficiently.

How Earthquakes Can Damage Your Plumbing

Prepare for plumbing damage after an earthquake

When an earthquake hits, it’s very easy to begin panicking. Not only is it terrifying to experience in the moment, but dealing with the aftershock is scary too. Once the earthquake hits, you’ll need to check and make sure there is no plumbing damage done to your home. Here are a few ways earthquakes can cause damage to your plumbing. 

Sewer Line Issues 

When an earthquake hits, it can attack your sewer lines. It can cause them to become damp or incredibly wet. Make sure you’re checking the sewer lines right after the earthquake has hit. Feel the line to see if anything seems even a little damp. If it smells, that’s another sign that your sewer line could have experienced some damage. 

Rats Or Bugs Gathering In Your Yard 

When an earthquake arrives and damages your home, you may have pesky little friends appear in your yard. After an earthquake, your pipes may begin leaking. Odors and gross smells may start to appear. This will attract certain bugs and rodents, who will begin to gather in your yard. If you see any critters in your yard, check and see if there’s any odor coming from your pipes. 

Wet Spots On Your Wall 

Another sign of broken plumbing from an earthquake is visible damp spots. After the earthquake hits, you may notice that your walls have visible spots or even puddles forming around them. Take a look around the rest of your home to see if there are any other signs of dripping or leaking water. The shaking of the earthquake may have caused your indoor pipes to break. 

Mold Can Begin To Form 

Since leaks take a while to notice, you may not even realize that plumbing damage has hit your home. If this happens, you could have leaks forming inside of your wall. If this water starts to build up inside of your walls, you may end up with mold. Mildew and mold can form inside of your home without you even knowing for a while. This is why you need to check for any type of leaks inside your walls right after the earthquake strikes. 

Unexpected Water Leaks 

After the earthquake hits your home, you may notice your water meter alerting you of over-usage. This means that you may have an unexpected water leak happening somewhere in your home. Make sure to look all-around your home for the source of the leak. Even if you don’t see the leak with your own eyes, that doesn’t mean it isn’t there. You’ll want to call an emergency plumber to investigate further.  

Taking Care Of Your Home After Plumbing Damage 

Stressing out after an earthquake is a very understandable reaction. Outdoor and indoor leaks should be the last thing you’re concerned about after the earthquake hits. Give us a call right after this disaster strikes. We can come out and inspect your home to make extra sure no damage has been done. We’ll work to make sure you’re still feeling safe after this nerve-wracking experience.

The Importance Of Researching Emergency Plumbing Services Before A Leak Occurs

Research the best plumbing emergency services in your area.

When a plumbing emergency takes place in your home, this can be a very stressful and worrisome process for you to deal with. Luckily, there are people trained to handle this emergency no matter when or where in your home it takes place. Emergency plumbing services are available and at the ready any time of the day or night to come to your rescue.

This service will be around to fix any plumbing damage done to your home. This is why you need to research different services to know which is best, so you don’t have to worry while the emergency is already taking place.

What Counts As An Emergency

Some people tend to get confused when it comes to spotting the main difference between an emergency happening to their plumbing and just a problem with their pipes.

However, if you do spot a real emergency happening, you don’t want to brush it off and assume it isn’t real. This can cause you to put off getting it fixed because you may think it’s no big deal.

To prevent this, here are a few different plumbing emergencies that commonly take place in homes. If any of these happen in yours, be sure to call your emergency plumber as soon as possible.

  • Your pipes are frozen
  • The water is burning or extremely hot and won’t change to a cooler temperature
  • Your water heater is leaking
  • The pipes are leaking
  • Your drains or toilets are clogged

What To Do When An Emergency Leak Occurs

When this emergency occurs, the first thing most people want to do is panic and try to fix it on their own. This is not what you should try to do. Instead, take a deep breath and follow these simple steps below:

  1. Call your emergency plumber
  2. Shut your water completely off
  3. Find your water heater and turn that off as well
  4. Open up your drains to let them get rid of any extra water

The most important thing on this list is calling your emergency plumber as they will know exactly what you need to do depending on what the emergency is. Once you’ve called them, they can instruct you on how to complete the above steps as you prepare for their upcoming arrival.

Why You Need To Have An Emergency Plumbing Service On Hand

Before you even experience any type of emergency, you need to have your emergency plumber picked out beforehand. If you don’t, then you may find yourself struggling to find an emergency plumber the day or night the emergency takes place.

Since the emergency is currently happening at that moment, you won’t have time to properly research their skills. So, you may just pick the first you see. This could be one that is outside of your budget or doesn’t properly perform the specific skills needed to best fix your home’s plumbing.

If you call Team Rooter, we’ll arrive soon after you call, ready to fix your plumbing problems. Give us a call today to learn more about the efficient and attentive emergency services we can provide you.

Team Rooter Restoration Services

Photo by Dean Bennett on Unsplash

When disaster strikes and your home is in need of repair, Team Rooter is who you can turn to. We can provide you with the best restoration services to improve and repair your home. We offer a variety of different restoration services from residential to commercial, depending on the type of damage done to your home. 

Residential Plumbing Services 

When you find something leaking or not working properly in your home, we’re the people you can call. We’re a local service that works to help with any plumbing problems you may be facing. We have different pieces of equipment used to unclog your pipes or drains, and to fix them overall. Even if you’re seeing issues in your attic or basement that you aren’t sure about, reach out to us. Our plumbing restoration services team members will come to look it over and inspect it for you. 

Hydrojetting Restoration Services 

Hydrojetting is known to be one of the most powerful of all the restoration services we provide. Sometimes, when drain pipes seem to be too clogged to operate efficiently, they need to be unclogged with high pressure of water. This is when hydro jetting comes into play. Grease and other buildup are efficiently removed from the pipes by using the high pressure from the water. 

Our professional plumbing services team can help provide you with high-quality hydrojetting services to help remove any stubborn buildup happening inside of your pipes. 

Camera Line Inspection 

When it comes to your pipes and sewer line, you need to stay on top of it by properly monitoring your drains to make sure everything looks alright. We use camera inspections to see if your plumbing system needs any type of repair so it can be caught and handled ahead of time. The video is in high-resolution and we capture the footage for you to view and answer any questions you may have about what we find on camera. 

Commercial Restoration Services 

Though we do provide you with high-quality service to your home, that isn’t the only location we work with. We’re also available to provide our top-notch services to your business by using the best equipment and technology to give you accurate results and repairs. Give us a call and we can provide you with the best commercial service there is. 

Trenchless Sewer Repair and Replacement 

When there are problems with a customer’s sewage line, most companies will often dig through your house, creating unnecessary trenches trying to find or fix the problem. When this happens, it can tear your yard apart. We refrain from doing that with our trenchless sewer line repair service. 

We will either use pipelining to simply dig one hole and place a tube inside to fix the damaged pipe. Or we will use a method called pipe bursting, where we pull a new pipe through the broken one, and then we’ll pull the pipe out simply by only using two holes dug on both sides of the pipe. 

Sewer Line Replacement 

If your sewage pipes are critically clogged, you’ll need to have your sewer line properly replaced. Sometimes, it’s a fairly difficult job for your average plumbing service to complete. Luckily, we’re not an average plumbing service. Our professional team can help with the sewer line replacement that’s needed beneath the foundation of your business or home.  

Using Team Rooter Restoration Services 

When using our services, we can guarantee you’ll feel satisfied with the skilled, experienced services we provide. If you want to learn more about these services or are ready to put any of our skilled team members to the test, give us a call today.

The Risk Of Putting Unapproved Items Down Household Drains

clogged drain sewer service

To prolong the life of your household drains and prevent clogging, it’s important to execute proper practices when utilizing them. There are many items that cannot be flushed or poured down drains. Read on to learn the risks of allowing these unapproved items into your pipes, resulting in clogged drains.

Which Items Pose A Risk For Clogged Drains In The Bathroom

When it comes to the toilets in your home, the only thing you should be flushing is regular toilet paper and human excrement. Below is a handy list of things that are commonly flushed down the toilet that will result in clogged drains:

  • Feminine products, such as tampons
  • Any type of wipe or cleansing pad, including baby wipes
  • Dental floss
  • Q-tips or cotton balls
  • Diapers
  • Pills
  • Facial tissues or paper towels

These items are not formulated to break down in your pipes the way toilet paper is, which can result in a backup in those pipes.

Items That Can Cause Clogged Drains In The Kitchen

In the kitchen, it’s important to be wary of what you pour down your sink drain. It might be convenient to use the drain as a garbage disposal, but there are some items that just aren’t worth the risk. Grease, for example, is one of the leading causes of clogged sink drains. Though the grease is in liquid form when you pour it, it will eventually harden and cause a clog.

Below are a few other items that are commonly poured down kitchen sinks but should be avoided:

  • Coffee grounds
  • Eggshells
  • Fats and oils
  • Paint

What Happens When Unapproved Items End Up In The Pipes

More often than not, an unapproved item ends up in your pipes because it’s “easier” to get rid of items that way than bringing them to the garbage. While it seems like an easy solution, it’s a practice that will cost you big bucks later on down the line.

Clogged drains can result in a backup in your home. This can result in water damage and/or sewer damage. Water damage in your home can result in mold and mildew buildup, which can make your family sick. A sewage leak poses even greater health risks.

Broken pipes can occur from a clogged drain as well. The clog will build up with water and can eventually cause the pipe to burst. Water damage is imminent here and then you also need to deal with the cost of fixing your pipes.

Who To Call If You Have A Clogged Drain In California

If you live in Los Angeles, San Fernando Valley, Ventura, South Bay, or Orange County and you’re dealing with a clogged drain, call Team Rooter. We can help you get your drains unclogged and bring them back to working order. Call us today to learn more about the services we offer.