How Earthquakes Can Damage Your Plumbing

When an earthquake hits, it’s very easy to begin panicking. Not only is it terrifying to experience in the moment, but dealing with the aftershock is scary too. Once the earthquake hits, you’ll need to check and make sure there is no plumbing damage done to your home. Here are a few ways earthquakes can cause damage to your plumbing. 

Sewer Line Issues 

When an earthquake hits, it can attack your sewer lines. It can cause them to become damp or incredibly wet. Make sure you’re checking the sewer lines right after the earthquake has hit. Feel the line to see if anything seems even a little damp. If it smells, that’s another sign that your sewer line could have experienced some damage. 

Rats Or Bugs Gathering In Your Yard 

When an earthquake arrives and damages your home, you may have pesky little friends appear in your yard. After an earthquake, your pipes may begin leaking. Odors and gross smells may start to appear. This will attract certain bugs and rodents, who will begin to gather in your yard. If you see any critters in your yard, check and see if there’s any odor coming from your pipes. 

Wet Spots On Your Wall 

Another sign of broken plumbing from an earthquake is visible damp spots. After the earthquake hits, you may notice that your walls have visible spots or even puddles forming around them. Take a look around the rest of your home to see if there are any other signs of dripping or leaking water. The shaking of the earthquake may have caused your indoor pipes to break. 

Mold Can Begin To Form 

Since leaks take a while to notice, you may not even realize that plumbing damage has hit your home. If this happens, you could have leaks forming inside of your wall. If this water starts to build up inside of your walls, you may end up with mold. Mildew and mold can form inside of your home without you even knowing for a while. This is why you need to check for any type of leaks inside your walls right after the earthquake strikes. 

Unexpected Water Leaks 

After the earthquake hits your home, you may notice your water meter alerting you of over-usage. This means that you may have an unexpected water leak happening somewhere in your home. Make sure to look all-around your home for the source of the leak. Even if you don’t see the leak with your own eyes, that doesn’t mean it isn’t there. You’ll want to call an emergency plumber to investigate further.  

Taking Care Of Your Home After Plumbing Damage 

Stressing out after an earthquake is a very understandable reaction. Outdoor and indoor leaks should be the last thing you’re concerned about after the earthquake hits. Give us a call right after this disaster strikes. We can come out and inspect your home to make extra sure no damage has been done. We’ll work to make sure you’re still feeling safe after this nerve-wracking experience.

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