Team Rooter Restoration Services

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When disaster strikes and your home is in need of repair, Team Rooter is who you can turn to. We can provide you with the best restoration services to improve and repair your home. We offer a variety of different restoration services from residential to commercial, depending on the type of damage done to your home. 

Residential Plumbing Services 

When you find something leaking or not working properly in your home, we’re the people you can call. We’re a local service that works to help with any plumbing problems you may be facing. We have different pieces of equipment used to unclog your pipes or drains, and to fix them overall. Even if you’re seeing issues in your attic or basement that you aren’t sure about, reach out to us. Our plumbing restoration services team members will come to look it over and inspect it for you. 

Hydrojetting Restoration Services 

Hydrojetting is known to be one of the most powerful of all the restoration services we provide. Sometimes, when drain pipes seem to be too clogged to operate efficiently, they need to be unclogged with high pressure of water. This is when hydro jetting comes into play. Grease and other buildup are efficiently removed from the pipes by using the high pressure from the water. 

Our professional plumbing services team can help provide you with high-quality hydrojetting services to help remove any stubborn buildup happening inside of your pipes. 

Camera Line Inspection 

When it comes to your pipes and sewer line, you need to stay on top of it by properly monitoring your drains to make sure everything looks alright. We use camera inspections to see if your plumbing system needs any type of repair so it can be caught and handled ahead of time. The video is in high-resolution and we capture the footage for you to view and answer any questions you may have about what we find on camera. 

Commercial Restoration Services 

Though we do provide you with high-quality service to your home, that isn’t the only location we work with. We’re also available to provide our top-notch services to your business by using the best equipment and technology to give you accurate results and repairs. Give us a call and we can provide you with the best commercial service there is. 

Trenchless Sewer Repair and Replacement 

When there are problems with a customer’s sewage line, most companies will often dig through your house, creating unnecessary trenches trying to find or fix the problem. When this happens, it can tear your yard apart. We refrain from doing that with our trenchless sewer line repair service. 

We will either use pipelining to simply dig one hole and place a tube inside to fix the damaged pipe. Or we will use a method called pipe bursting, where we pull a new pipe through the broken one, and then we’ll pull the pipe out simply by only using two holes dug on both sides of the pipe. 

Sewer Line Replacement 

If your sewage pipes are critically clogged, you’ll need to have your sewer line properly replaced. Sometimes, it’s a fairly difficult job for your average plumbing service to complete. Luckily, we’re not an average plumbing service. Our professional team can help with the sewer line replacement that’s needed beneath the foundation of your business or home.  

Using Team Rooter Restoration Services 

When using our services, we can guarantee you’ll feel satisfied with the skilled, experienced services we provide. If you want to learn more about these services or are ready to put any of our skilled team members to the test, give us a call today.

3 Ways to Prevent Sewer Backups

sewer backups

Sewer damage can be very costly to fix, so it’s important to prevent sewer backups. The damage can also cause great harm to your family, especially if it’s not repaired quickly. By practicing preventative maintenance, you can keep your home from experiencing a sewer backup.

Be Careful of What You Put in Your Drains

There are some items that simply shouldn’t be flushed or washed down drains in your home. Be careful about what you flush down the toilet. Additionally, avoid flushing facial tissues, diapers, or napkins. Only approved bathroom tissue should be flushed down the toilet.

In your kitchen, you never want to pour grease down your drain. Eventually, the grease will harden and clog the pipes or the main sewer line. You’ll want to be careful of what you put down your garbage disposal as well to prevent sewer backups. Stuffing large quantities of items in there can result in a nasty backup.

Get Your Sewer Line Inspected

An inspection of your sewer line will tell you whether an obstruction has occurred or is at risk for occurring. A major cause of blockages is tree root infiltration. This is impossible to tell with the naked eye and requires a technician to evaluate.

A professional inspector will use video inspection to evaluate areas that are at risk for causing a sewage backup. This is your best defense in identifying problems in your sewer line before a flood occurs. Getting periodic inspections ensures you are fully aware of any potential risks posed to your sewer line.

Practice Proper Drain Cleaning to Prevent Sewer Backup

Getting your drains cleaned on a periodic basis will ensure any blockages are eliminated before an issue occurs. Another step in preventative maintenance: drain cleaning allows you to keep your pipes clear. After all, even a small blockage can inflict major damage to your home. Therefore, you want to get rid of those blockages sooner rather than later.

Get your drains cleaned on a monthly basis to prevent your sewer from backing up and causing major damage to your home and your family.

Sewer Backup Specialists in Los Angeles

Team Rooter services all of Los Angeles and we can help you prevent your home from experiencing a sewer backup. Flood damage from a sewer can put your family and home at risk. We don’t want you to go through that. We want to help. Learn more about the services we can offer you and how our team will work to keep your family happy and healthy in their home.