Sewer Services for Line Blockage

The plumbing system in your home is designed to bring clean, fresh water inside and move used water out into the sewer. When you experience a sewer line blockage, the flow comes to a quick halt. Regular sewer services and line inspections can prevent dangerous issues if done on a regular basis. Regardless of how a line problem happens, it’s important to get the issue handled right away. Let’s take a look at how to handle a sewer line blockage.

Clear the Sewer Line

The first thing that you can do is to try and clear whatever blockage has happened. Clogs usually happen due to hair, grease, or large wads of toilet paper. Sometimes, these clogs can be cleared with a plunger or a plumber’s snake. It might take a few passes with these tools but hopefully you’ll be able to return to normal quickly. It’s helpful to try this method first, but calling a professional plumber can assist you with a more difficult sewer line clog.

Find the Broken Sewer Line

If the first process didn’t work, you can try to locate the broken part of the pipe system yourself. The easiest way to do this is to follow your pipes. In many cases, your sewer pipes will be accessible in a basement or crawl space. It might take some time to locate the sewer pipe system, but knowing the location can assist a professional plumber in getting work done quickly and safely. Another indication of the location is a soggy, bug-infested part of your lawn. This happens because the clog will not allow the drain to completely empty into the sewer system.

Call Team Rooter for Sewer Services

If you’re exhausted the options above and you still need help, call the right professional sewer services to help get you back in running order. It’s important to hire the best team of plumbers to save you time, money, and stress from a blocked sewer. It’s a health risk to have sewage backing up into your home and it can cause more damage to your home or commercial property if left too long.

When you’re ready to get the job done right, contact Team Rooter. We’ve been keeping water lines flowing throughout Los Angeles County for over twenty years. Don’t waste another moment stressing over a sewer blockage. Hire our team and get your lines running smoothly again today!

How to Eliminate Smells in Your San Gabriel County Kitchen Sink

There are two main reasons that you might come upon a sudden foul smell in your home. Old food might be stuck in your drain or around your garbage disposal. This is the most common reason and what we’ll focus on in today’s blog post. If there’s nothing stuck, you might have a bigger problem. Your sewer system might be backing up and causing a bad smell. Let’s look at how you can eliminate a smelly kitchen sink in San Gabriel County.

How to Check For Sewer Gas Leaks in Your Kitchen

If you think you’re smelling sewer gas, take a look under the sink. You should see a U-shaped pipe somewhere between the sink and the outside pipe system. Take a close look to make sure there isn’t a leak there. If there’s no visible leak, your sewer vent might have a leak, a blockage, or another problem. You need to call a plumber immediately to avoid lingering damage that can get expensive very quickly.

Try Cleaning Your San Gabriel County Sink Area

If there’s no visible leak, it’s time to try cleaning your sink. There are several ways that you can go about this. One of the fastest methods is to pour a natural enzyme-based cleaner down the sink and letting it work on any potential clogs. Be mindful not to use a commercial cleaner like Drano — these kinds of cleaners can be corrosive and cause greater pipe damage. 

You might also try dropping some ice cubes down the sink and running your garbage disposal. The disposal will chop up the ice and the chunks will dislodge food particles.

Another natural option involves boiling water, vinegar, and baking soda. Begin by pouring a cup of white vinegar into your drain, followed quickly by a cup of baking soda. Plug the drain with a stopper and let it sit for 10-15 minutes. Once enough time has passed, pour a pot of boiling water into the drain. This science experiment has been proven to leave customers with a clean, odor-free kitchen in no time at all.

Still Can’t Get Rid of the Smell? Call Team Rooter of San Gabriel County

If you’ve tried the steps above and still can’t get rid of the odor, don’t wait. Call the plumbing experts at Team Rooter. We’ve been serving San Gabriel County for decades, and we’ll come find the right solution ASAP. Call any time, day or night. It doesn’t matter. We’ll be there as soon as we can. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Contact us and rid yourself of a smelly kitchen sink today!

How Updating Your Copper Piping Now Can Save You Time and Money Later

If you’re a homeowner, chances are that you’ll need to repair your pipes at some point. If your home was built before 1970, you might even have old materials like lead, steel, polybutylene, or copper. Today, we’ll take a look at how you can have copper repiping done cheaply, efficiently, and safely.

Copper Piping is No Longer Popular

Interestingly enough, copper began to replace galvanized steel in the 1970s. Since the early 2000s, copper pipes have been phased out in favor of other materials. Currently, one of the most popular options is cross-linked polyethylene or PEX. PEX is like the “new” copper. It’s flexible, can easily fit into tight spaces, strong, and resilient. It’s become the new standard for all in-home plumbing.

Replacing Damaged Copper Piping Saves Time and Money

While copper pipes are built to last a long time, they will eventually become damaged and can end up failing. Although it was designed to stand up to corrosion, it’s not totally corrosion-proof. Because of the material’s properties, copper piping leads to slow leaks that are hard to detect and are often not noticeable until the damage has been done. Pay attention to any new smells you notice. One of the first signs of copper pipe failure is a musty, moldy smell. You might also notice discoloration on walls and ceilings.

Repiping Requires Inspection and Repair…Immediately!

Contact a plumber if you notice any of the first signs of copper pipe failure. It may take a little extra time, but an expert plumber will take a close look at your pipes and determine a plan of attack. The solution might be for the plumber to plug a small leak or to replace a section of copper piping with PEX. In the long run, replacing your entire pipe system with PEX will provide a completely new experience for your home.

Hire the Right Piping Company

Once you’ve determined that a repair or replacement is needed, calling a professional as soon as possible will save you stress. The most important part of replacing your piping is hiring the right professionals. The right team will get the job done without wasting time or money. When you’re ready to modernize your pipes, consider Team Rooter. We’re your go-to plumbing team in Orange County. Don’t waste another minute with subpar pipes. Contact us today!

Five Most Common Reasons for Drain Cleaning

No one wants to walk into the kitchen or bathroom and find slow or clogged drains. Unfortunately, it’s almost certain to happen at one time or another. Let’s look at the five most common drain problems that you may encounter. These are situations that will likely lead to a call for drain cleaning.

A Frequently-Clogged Drain May Need Cleaning

While you should expect to have to occasionally clear a sink or shower drain, having to clear clogs in the same area on a regular basis may be signaling a larger problem. It could be that you can’t reach or clear a large clog. Instead of constantly wasting time on this task, contact a professional plumber to determine the root cause and remove the clog…for good.

More Than One Clogged Drain May Need Cleaning

Similarly, if you experience multiple clogs at the same time, it’s likely a sign of a larger issue in your pipe system instead of the fixture. In this case, you won’t be able to reach your pipes on your own, and a professional should be brought in to inspect and correct the issues quickly.

Slow Drains

Having a slow-running drain might seem like a small issue to experience, but never underestimate the headaches it can cost. Drains run slowly for a variety of reasons, including mineral or grease buildup, a larger clog, or something more costly that’s beginning to fail. Contact an expert right away for a full diagnostic checkup.

Foul-Smelling Drains

Pay attention to the smells coming from your drain. An occasional smell of sewer water is normal, but a persistent foul smell radiating from your drains needs to be addressed. It’s possible that an outside pollutant has entered your pipes that can cause contamination if not corrected as soon as humanly possible.

Flooded Areas in Your Home

Of the situations addressed in today’s blog, unexpected water in your home is definitely the most pressing. A flooded basement can be a sign of sewage system failure and needs to be fixed immediately. Standing water in your home is a risk to the structure itself and to your family’s health. Calling the right professional to assist with flood damage repair cannot wait. It’s an emergency. Hire the right experts.

Drain Problems? Call Team Rooter Immediately!

Now that you know the five most common drain problems you might encounter, it’s time to find the right plumbers. The team at Team Rooter has decades of experience serving pipes across the Los Angeles County area. When you need drain cleaning, contact our team. Anytime, 24/7. We’ll be there and get you moving again fast.



What to Expect During Backflow Inspections

Backflow is what happens when unclean (non-potable) water flows in the wrong direction. This is a dangerous situation because these problems can lead to contaminated drinking water. It can happen in any piping system–from a pool, the sewer, or even a sprinkler system. If you suspect an issue, scheduling a backflow inspection quickly could save you a costly commercial plumbing repair.

Types of Backflow Devices

There are two main types of backflow systems. These are a reduced-pressure principle device and double-check valves. In either case, a mechanical backflow preventer is what keeps the unclean water from flowing back into the clean water. This preventer is the primary point of concern when an inspection takes place.

What Happens During Backflow Inspections?

Inspections should be completed on commercial plumbing every year. These inspections diagnose potential issues before they become major problems. During an inspection, a trained plumber will take a close look at your plumbing assembly. They will also check where your water lines meet the public water source for any signs of stress. Taking a closer look at your lines is important because they are exposed to weather and other environmental factors that can be damaging. Your expert should also take a look at the status of your backflow preventer to make sure that nothing needs to be adjusted.

What If Damage Is Found?

A certified plumber will make recommendations if they detect damage. In many cases, the plumber can give an estimate and complete the work on the same day. It is critical to have any commercial plumbing issues corrected right away. A damaged backflow system is a public safety risk. Be mindful that the cost of inspection and repair can vary depending on the location of your system, the ease of access, and the level of damage that needs to be corrected. 

If you need an inspection or if you need plumbing system repairs, hiring the right plumbing company is key. The experts at Team Rooter assess and repair these issues with care and speed. When you need commercial plumbing support in Los Angeles, get Team Rooter. Contact us today!

Sewer Services in Los Angeles County

Photo by Martin Brechtl on Unsplash

When you need to have work done on your sewer system, time is of the essence. You don’t want to waste a lot of time trying to find a plumber to handle your needs. Let’s take a look at things for you to consider when finding the right company for sewer services in Los Angeles County.

Ask Your Friends and Family about Sewer Services

One of the ways to find the right sewer service company is to ask those you know: friends, families, and neighbors. Ask those around you who have experienced similar issues. Take their recommendations under consideration before doing too much work on your own. Trust your network for who to hire and who to avoid.

Do Your Homework

Once you have some recommendations from friends and family, take a closer look at local companies online. Review each company’s website, read reviews on Yelp, Angie’s List, and other help boards. Strangers can provide a wide array of views on your options–be cautious of companies with too many positive reviews.

Compare Sewer Service Plans

As you’ve begun narrowing down your sewer service options, see what services each company will and will not offer. Review their experience level with some of the future services you might have a need for. Take the time to see where you can save by hiring a new on-call plumber.

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask the Right Questions about Sewer Services

Finally and most importantly–never be afraid to ask the tough questions. Not all sewer services are created equal. It’s better to ask too many questions than to spend too much money for not enough service. Be sure to verify that your finalists are licensed, bonded, and insured accordingly.

Now that you’ve learned what to look for in sewer services, give Team Rooter a call. You’ll see that we’re your go-to team in Los Angeles County. Contact us today!

How to Find Commercial Plumbing in Orange County

commercial plumbing

One common misconception about plumbing is that a residential plumber can do all the same things that a commercial plumber does but on a smaller scale. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Let’s take a look at four factors to consider when hiring a commercial plumbing company in Orange County and the surrounding areas.


When you are in the market for a plumber to handle jobs at your commercial property, chances are that you need your situation evaluated and the work to be completed quickly. This is particularly important when leaky pipes or broken toilets are a part of the equation. Look for plumbing companies that advertising 24-hour emergency services. A plumbing service that’s available on your schedule is far better than a service that leaves you waiting. Waiting time is wasting time for your business.


Similarly, you should look for local commercial plumbers first. Considering how long it can take to get from another job on the other side of town in Orange County traffic, that’s a lot of wasted time. It’s also important to consider how billable hours, travel fees, and fuel surcharges can quickly increase your cost. As an added bonus, supporting the local business community can pay dividends as time goes on.


It might sound like common sense but be sure to review the experience of the commercial plumbing companies you’re considering. Verify that they are licensed, certified professionals that will be able to complete your specific job effectively. Consider the level of experience that the potential companies have in your unique situation. Similarly, check online reviews on sites like Yelp. Previous customer reviews can reveal a lot more than a company would tell you on the phone or face to face.

Guarantees and Warranties

Finally, consider hiring only commercial plumbing companies that will stand behind their work. Many commercial companies will provide limited or extended warranties on parts, labor, or both. A guarantee or a warranty shows that level of pride that the company holds in their parts, their employees, and the quality of work to be done for their clients.

Ready to Hire the Best in Commercial Plumbing?

Now that you’ve learned what to look for in a commercial plumber, give Team Rooter a call. You’ll see that we’re your go-to team for commercial plumbing needs in Orange County. Contact us today!

A Complete Guide to Dealing With a Clogged Drain

clogged drain

There will never be a “good time” for a clogged drain in your home, but there are some clogged or slow-running drain situations that you can handle on your own. Of course, there are other clogs that require professional assistance. Let’s take a look at a few ways that you can try to clear a clogged drain before calling a trusted professional like Team Rooter.

What Causes Clogged Drains?

A clogged drain is usually caused by debris or a foreign object that has become lodged in your drain pipes. It could also be the result of residue or build-up that needs to be flushed away. In most instances, acting quickly with the right tools can save you from a costly (and messy) repair.

Drain Cleaner

One easy way of handling a clogged drain is a bottle of drain cleaner. Pouring it down the drain and allowing it to work might loosen the clog and solve the problem quickly. You should consider that drain cleaner is a chemical, and it should be used with caution to avoid injury.

Vinegar and Baking Soda

If you would prefer a non-chemical solution, you can try vinegar and baking soda to clear your clogged drain. Pour the vinegar first and follow it up with baking soda. In a matter of seconds, the combination will go to work on minor clogs.

Boiling Water

Another way of clearing a clogged drain is pouring boiling water from the stove or a tea kettle down the impacted drain. It might need to be repeated, but it’s the cheapest approach. If boiling water doesn’t work on its own, clear the water from the drain by hand (using a cup or other vessel) and pour salt down the drain, followed by more water. Give it a few minutes to work and try flushing the drain again.


Depending on the nature of the clogged drain, you might also consider using a plunger. This technique will require patience and trial and error, but with some elbow grease, you may be able to dislodge the clog without the use of chemicals.


One last way of dealing with a clogged drain is using a snake. A snake is a long piece of plastic with grooves or “teeth” cut into it that are designed to grab onto debris. Snaking is particularly helpful in clearing hair clogs in bathroom sinks and shower drains.

For A Stubborn Clogged Drain, Call A Professional!

If you’ve tried some or all of these methods to no success, bring in the pros at Team Rooter. Our team has over two decades of experience clearing clogged drains. We’ll find the problem and work quickly to get your pipes back to working order. We guarantee it. Contact our team to fix your clogged drain today!

Top Benefits of Tankless Water Heaters

tankless water heaters
Photo by Kirsten Marie Ebbesen on Unsplash


You need a new water heater due to building a new home, remodeling, or maybe your old one simply quit working. As you begin shopping for options, you run across tankless water heaters. This option is pricier than standard water heaters, which means you may almost skip over that option and go with the same storage tank unit you have always had. Wait, though – it might be worth looking at the benefits of this tank before making a final decision. If cost alone was the only consideration, the tradition tank-style heaters would win. Those heaters have downsides, though. And tankless water heaters can solve those downsides.

Endless Hot Water

Have you ever taken a shower after a partner or child, and the water was tepid or even cold? Storage tank water heaters can only heat the reserve water they have on hand, fill and heat the new batch. This means in houses with heavy water usage, you experience lapses in hot water. Tankless water heaters circulate water through high-powered coils and keep a steady stream of hot water flowing.

Standby Losses Eliminated

Tankless water heaters come in electric or gas options. They heat on demand with higher power usage when under pressure to supply, but because they do not have reserve water in them, they are not constantly reheating it. In traditional tank systems, the water constantly reheats, even when you are not home or using the water. Therefore, these tanks cost more than tankless systems on power usage.

Tankless Water Heaters Have Longer Lifespans

The lifespan of tankless water heaters is twice the lifespan of standard units. While a high-quality standard tank lasts a decade, tankless models can end up lasting two decades. This longer lifespan lengthens the warranty on these units and can significantly extend the coverage for repairs that might arise on tankless versus lower warrantied standard water heaters. Also, other pluses include added tax benefits, utility bill reduction, and warranty coverage for issues that might arise.

Space-Saving Benefits

Most traditional storage tanks require a corner in a basement or a built-in storage space in apartments or condominiums. This space concern disappears with tankless water heaters, as all they need is a small area to mount to a wall. For apartments and other small houses, this consideration alone makes it worthwhile to consider a tankless system.

Contact Team Rooter To Learn More About Tankless Water Heaters

Now that you know some of the advantages of a tankless water heater, do your research to determine which system is right for you. Your water demands, the size of your home, and your budget are all critical considerations. As always, when making a decision like this for your home, a professional should be consulted to give you all your options. Call Team Rooter today to discuss tankless water systems and your options.




Kitchen Plumbing is Different. Here’s How.

kitchen plumbing
Photo by Jacek Dylag on Unsplash

When people think of plumbing, they think of pipes. Of hot and cold water flowing when they need it. We don’t usually give plumbing another thought until a problem arises, or we decide to replace and remodel a room. The facts are that all the plumbing in the house runs on the same schematics.  Overall, three things make kitchen plumbing a bit different than bathroom plumbing. These factors are the size of kitchen projects, complexity versus bathrooms, and costs.

Size of Projects

When you look at a kitchen versus a bathroom, the square footage alone tells you the size of a project will differ. Look a little deeper, and you will see other major differences in the kitchen plumbing. Do you have a disposal under your sink? That will require waste lines, either to a dishwasher or by itself. Speaking of a dishwasher, it also has solid waste that will require a drain fitting. Also, an air gap fitting ensures dirty water does not make its way back to the dishwasher. Do you have an ice maker anywhere in the kitchen? Whether it’s in the refrigerator or freestanding, that will need a pipe as well. What about a second sink for food prep, or in the bar?

Complexity of Kitchen Projects

As you can see from the information above, complexity is a factor in kitchen plans. Whether you need to repair, remodel, or build a kitchen from the ground up, good planning is still critical. Ensure any power switches needed for appliances such as the dishwasher, disposal, and refrigerator are not close to water lines. Also, for the best outcome, make sure to hire a professional to approve any major drawings or schematic changes. Looking at the placement and planning of garbage disposal lines hooked from one appliance to the other, water supplies and cabinets, flooring, and countertop placements is important. You want all the plumbing to be out of sight and not easily damaged. Plumbing repairs or fixes after the fact are expensive, so engage the best team to ensure the work done right the first time.

Cost of Remodeling or Replacing

On average, kitchen remodels range up to $57,000, with an average of around $19,000. Bathrooms are usually up to about $40,000, with the average being $17,000. Also, when considering a remodel due to size and complexity, kitchens usually take one to six months, while bathrooms have a current industry average of about 18 days. Always keep in mind, though, that kitchens will pay better dividends when you go to resell. Kitchens are the main selling point of real estate, and updated kitchens can sell a house faster.

Contact Team Rooter For Help

When deciding on projects or repairs affecting kitchen plumbing, remember the size, complexity, and cost of these are significant. Ensuring the right professional helps determine pipe placement, appliance line layouts, and the like is critical. The kitchen can add value to any home, but you want to ensure that the job is done well. Contact Team Rooter for help today!