Kitchen Plumbing is Different. Here’s How.

kitchen plumbing
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When people think of plumbing, they think of pipes. Of hot and cold water flowing when they need it. We don’t usually give plumbing another thought until a problem arises, or we decide to replace and remodel a room. The facts are that all the plumbing in the house runs on the same schematics.  Overall, three things make kitchen plumbing a bit different than bathroom plumbing. These factors are the size of kitchen projects, complexity versus bathrooms, and costs.

Size of Projects

When you look at a kitchen versus a bathroom, the square footage alone tells you the size of a project will differ. Look a little deeper, and you will see other major differences in the kitchen plumbing. Do you have a disposal under your sink? That will require waste lines, either to a dishwasher or by itself. Speaking of a dishwasher, it also has solid waste that will require a drain fitting. Also, an air gap fitting ensures dirty water does not make its way back to the dishwasher. Do you have an ice maker anywhere in the kitchen? Whether it’s in the refrigerator or freestanding, that will need a pipe as well. What about a second sink for food prep, or in the bar?

Complexity of Kitchen Projects

As you can see from the information above, complexity is a factor in kitchen plans. Whether you need to repair, remodel, or build a kitchen from the ground up, good planning is still critical. Ensure any power switches needed for appliances such as the dishwasher, disposal, and refrigerator are not close to water lines. Also, for the best outcome, make sure to hire a professional to approve any major drawings or schematic changes. Looking at the placement and planning of garbage disposal lines hooked from one appliance to the other, water supplies and cabinets, flooring, and countertop placements is important. You want all the plumbing to be out of sight and not easily damaged. Plumbing repairs or fixes after the fact are expensive, so engage the best team to ensure the work done right the first time.

Cost of Remodeling or Replacing

On average, kitchen remodels range up to $57,000, with an average of around $19,000. Bathrooms are usually up to about $40,000, with the average being $17,000. Also, when considering a remodel due to size and complexity, kitchens usually take one to six months, while bathrooms have a current industry average of about 18 days. Always keep in mind, though, that kitchens will pay better dividends when you go to resell. Kitchens are the main selling point of real estate, and updated kitchens can sell a house faster.

Contact Team Rooter For Help

When deciding on projects or repairs affecting kitchen plumbing, remember the size, complexity, and cost of these are significant. Ensuring the right professional helps determine pipe placement, appliance line layouts, and the like is critical. The kitchen can add value to any home, but you want to ensure that the job is done well. Contact Team Rooter for help today!

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