What to Expect During Backflow Inspections

Backflow is what happens when unclean (non-potable) water flows in the wrong direction. This is a dangerous situation because these problems can lead to contaminated drinking water. It can happen in any piping system–from a pool, the sewer, or even a sprinkler system. If you suspect an issue, scheduling a backflow inspection quickly could save you a costly commercial plumbing repair.

Types of Backflow Devices

There are two main types of backflow systems. These are a reduced-pressure principle device and double-check valves. In either case, a mechanical backflow preventer is what keeps the unclean water from flowing back into the clean water. This preventer is the primary point of concern when an inspection takes place.

What Happens During Backflow Inspections?

Inspections should be completed on commercial plumbing every year. These inspections diagnose potential issues before they become major problems. During an inspection, a trained plumber will take a close look at your plumbing assembly. They will also check where your water lines meet the public water source for any signs of stress. Taking a closer look at your lines is important because they are exposed to weather and other environmental factors that can be damaging. Your expert should also take a look at the status of your backflow preventer to make sure that nothing needs to be adjusted.

What If Damage Is Found?

A certified plumber will make recommendations if they detect damage. In many cases, the plumber can give an estimate and complete the work on the same day. It is critical to have any commercial plumbing issues corrected right away. A damaged backflow system is a public safety risk. Be mindful that the cost of inspection and repair can vary depending on the location of your system, the ease of access, and the level of damage that needs to be corrected. 

If you need an inspection or if you need plumbing system repairs, hiring the right plumbing company is key. The experts at Team Rooter assess and repair these issues with care and speed. When you need commercial plumbing support in Los Angeles, get Team Rooter. Contact us today!

How to Find Commercial Plumbing in Orange County

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One common misconception about plumbing is that a residential plumber can do all the same things that a commercial plumber does but on a smaller scale. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Let’s take a look at four factors to consider when hiring a commercial plumbing company in Orange County and the surrounding areas.


When you are in the market for a plumber to handle jobs at your commercial property, chances are that you need your situation evaluated and the work to be completed quickly. This is particularly important when leaky pipes or broken toilets are a part of the equation. Look for plumbing companies that advertising 24-hour emergency services. A plumbing service that’s available on your schedule is far better than a service that leaves you waiting. Waiting time is wasting time for your business.


Similarly, you should look for local commercial plumbers first. Considering how long it can take to get from another job on the other side of town in Orange County traffic, that’s a lot of wasted time. It’s also important to consider how billable hours, travel fees, and fuel surcharges can quickly increase your cost. As an added bonus, supporting the local business community can pay dividends as time goes on.


It might sound like common sense but be sure to review the experience of the commercial plumbing companies you’re considering. Verify that they are licensed, certified professionals that will be able to complete your specific job effectively. Consider the level of experience that the potential companies have in your unique situation. Similarly, check online reviews on sites like Yelp. Previous customer reviews can reveal a lot more than a company would tell you on the phone or face to face.

Guarantees and Warranties

Finally, consider hiring only commercial plumbing companies that will stand behind their work. Many commercial companies will provide limited or extended warranties on parts, labor, or both. A guarantee or a warranty shows that level of pride that the company holds in their parts, their employees, and the quality of work to be done for their clients.

Ready to Hire the Best in Commercial Plumbing?

Now that you’ve learned what to look for in a commercial plumber, give Team Rooter a call. You’ll see that we’re your go-to team for commercial plumbing needs in Orange County. Contact us today!