Five Most Common Reasons for Drain Cleaning

No one wants to walk into the kitchen or bathroom and find slow or clogged drains. Unfortunately, it’s almost certain to happen at one time or another. Let’s look at the five most common drain problems that you may encounter. These are situations that will likely lead to a call for drain cleaning.

A Frequently-Clogged Drain May Need Cleaning

While you should expect to have to occasionally clear a sink or shower drain, having to clear clogs in the same area on a regular basis may be signaling a larger problem. It could be that you can’t reach or clear a large clog. Instead of constantly wasting time on this task, contact a professional plumber to determine the root cause and remove the clog…for good.

More Than One Clogged Drain May Need Cleaning

Similarly, if you experience multiple clogs at the same time, it’s likely a sign of a larger issue in your pipe system instead of the fixture. In this case, you won’t be able to reach your pipes on your own, and a professional should be brought in to inspect and correct the issues quickly.

Slow Drains

Having a slow-running drain might seem like a small issue to experience, but never underestimate the headaches it can cost. Drains run slowly for a variety of reasons, including mineral or grease buildup, a larger clog, or something more costly that’s beginning to fail. Contact an expert right away for a full diagnostic checkup.

Foul-Smelling Drains

Pay attention to the smells coming from your drain. An occasional smell of sewer water is normal, but a persistent foul smell radiating from your drains needs to be addressed. It’s possible that an outside pollutant has entered your pipes that can cause contamination if not corrected as soon as humanly possible.

Flooded Areas in Your Home

Of the situations addressed in today’s blog, unexpected water in your home is definitely the most pressing. A flooded basement can be a sign of sewage system failure and needs to be fixed immediately. Standing water in your home is a risk to the structure itself and to your family’s health. Calling the right professional to assist with flood damage repair cannot wait. It’s an emergency. Hire the right experts.

Drain Problems? Call Team Rooter Immediately!

Now that you know the five most common drain problems you might encounter, it’s time to find the right plumbers. The team at Team Rooter has decades of experience serving pipes across the Los Angeles County area. When you need drain cleaning, contact our team. Anytime, 24/7. We’ll be there and get you moving again fast.



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