With the arrival of summer, plumbing issues can be listed in a few common and expected categories. Summer brings its own opportunities in plumbing problems. From leaky pipes to backed up sewer line, Team Rooter is here to help 24/7, but as a precaution, here are the five plumbing complications we receive calls on during the months of summer. See a list of Team Rooter’s plumbing service here.

Sprinkler Head Damage and Leakage: the automated sprinklers watering your lawn require periodical maintenance. The heads can break and need replacing. You can detach the head and take it to your local hardware store and see if they are easily replaced. Otherwise, our staff is here to help. Not using the sprinkler system (i.e during the California drought) can also cause wear-and-tear. Make sure you have cleaned your sprinkler system before you begin using it during the summer.

Clogged Toilet: with summer break and kids being home from school, your toilet will be in more use than other times in the year. Depending on the ages of your children, the things that stay out of the pipes or end up flushed away are a completely different conversation compared to a teenage daughter and a lesson in disposing female hygiene toiletries. When plunger does not solve the problem, you will need a professional to the rescue and that’s what we do. Remember, more flushing can cause more issues since the toilet is in more use than ever.

Backed Up, Clogged Sewer Line: when the ground becomes saturated due to heavy rainfall, your sewer can get clogged and back up. It is always a good idea to install a drain plug. Call us to see if a trenchless pipe-burst method or In-liner method is required to fix the problem a.s.a.p. and restore safety and order back to your household.

Garbage Disposal: the extra use of the garbage disposal or dropping items that do not belong inside can damage and break it. Corn cobs, hard fruit, bones, egg shells, pasta and grease do not belong in the garbage disposal. Ask your children and other members of the household to put the disposable food items into a designated trash can or bag where they will be disposed later. This way you give the machine a break and can monitor what goes in and what stays out and goes into the garbage container outside. If you need a new unit, Team Rooter is happy to take the call and fix the problem.

Washing Machine Leaking: Summer time is also the season during which the washing machine runs more times than before. The hose in the back of the machine can burst and flood the room, or worse, the house.  By spending a little more and investing in a stainless steel hose, you can prevent this mishap. But if it is too late and you need a professional team to the rescue, we are here to jump in our trucks and come to your aide.

Team Rooter offers a 24/7 emergency service. Call us and in no time a licensed plumbing professional will be on his/her way to help solve the problem.