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Clogged Drain Service

We are the experts that residents and businesses call for a clogged drain service in Los Angeles, CA.  Even if it’s the middle of the night, our residential plumbing and drain cleaning services are always available. We offer 24 hour emergency plumbers that will show up right on time.  Our specialists are available in the middle of the night, holidays or weekends. Always getting there right on time to handle the emergency services,  such as, a clogged drain and sewer repair is top priority. Also, we handle pipe repair, pipe replacements, as well as, leak repair services. Really, we are the best trained plumbers in the industry who can handle anything.  Alot may go horribly wrong with the pipes and drains inside your home or business. That is why you should contact Team Rooter today for your clogged drain service needs. We know exactly what to do! Most importantly, we are licensed, bonded, certified, reliable, experienced and ready to help. So, contact Team Rooter today for all your clogged drain service needs!

Drain Cleaning & Leak Detection Services

We will find leaks that hidden beneath the foundation of your home or business. Using our electronic leak detection service will include a video camera inspection.  Therefore, our plumbing techs will find those hidden leaks and fix them to stop damage and water waste. Call Team Rooter for our Drain Cleaning & Leak Detection Services today!

Residential & Commercial Plumber Services

Our residential and commercial plumbers are ready to help 24 hours a day. We will do the small emergency services, as well as, the bigger jobs. Furthermore, we will stop sewage issues with our reliable, affordable, trenchless sewer line repair services. Try trenchless repair, no more digging up the lawn causing more costly repairs! Contact Team Rooter today!