The Most Common Spring Plumbing Problems

Spring is here and with the new season there are several plumbing maintenance tasks homeowners should perform to ensure the functionality of their plumbing system. Identifying plumbing issues and fixes early, you can prevent property damage later – which will reduce emergency repair costs and extend the life of your plumbing system. Call Team Rooter if you are experiencing any of the issues below.

• Main & Sewer Line Obstructions
As trees and plants begin to grow for the spring season, roots may spread out in search of moisture. Since your sewer lines contain water, tree roots may intrude through old, damaged, or vulnerable pipes – which can contribute to water pressure problems and slow drainage.

• Low Water Pressure
Low water pressure is a common issue and is usually a symptom of another problem on this list rather than a plumbing problem in its own right. If you experiencing low water pressure or your water pressure does not return to normal for several days, call the team.

• Clogged Drains
One of the most common springtime plumbing problems is slower draining in sinks, floor drains, bathtubs, and shower drains. In the spring specifically, sudden changes in fixture drainage may point to a root intrusion. Call the team to get the issue fixed.

• Leaky Pipes
In winter, pipes may fill with frozen water and crack. When the weather gets warmer, the pipes expand and any new leaks may become bigger. If you have leaky pipes, you may notice standing water in the affected area, more water usage, or possible musky odors.

Team Rooter Safety Precautions

  • Masks, gloves and booties mandatory at every appointment.
  • Paperless and touchless work authorizations / Invoices / and payment processing.
  • Most clean out accesses are outside of home, we can clear most back ups through there and eliminate the need to come into your home.