Five Facts About Garbage Disposals For San Gabriel County Residents

One of the most frequently used appliances in your kitchen is also the most mysterious one. Chances are that you don’t often think about your garbage disposal – but there’s so much to know about it! Here are five quick facts about garbage disposals that every homeowner should know before turning it on again, especially if you live in or around San Gabriel County.

San Gabriel County Resident Fact #1: Garbage Disposals Have Many Benefits

Installing a garbage disposal is beneficial for a variety of reasons. They are designed to reduce food waste, which leads to a reduction in the methane gases that occur as food decomposes. Disposals are designed to make food removal quicker and easier. In the greater scheme of things, garbage disposals are the cheapest appliances to install and maintain.

Fact #2: Large Cities Benefit From Garbage Disposals

The more citizens that live in an area, the more food they consume. Where there’s food, there’s vermin. When garbage disposals are installed and used to remove food, there is less for rats, mice, and bugs to eat. When there’s less food thrown in the trash, vermin start to go elsewhere. To put it plainly: disposals discourage pests.

Fact #3 for San Gabriel County Residents: Not All Food Can Go Down the Sink

While garbage disposals are intended to decrease trash, there are a number of things that shouldn’t be thrown down the sink. These include grease, eggshells, starches like potatoes, and bones. These no-go foods are known to clog kitchen sinks, immobilize disposal systems, and cause bigger plumbing issues throughout your home.

Fact #4: Garbage Disposals Tend to Break During the Holidays

One last fun fact about garbage disposal usage: the day after Thanksgiving, also known as Black Friday, is the busiest day for plumbers. Why? In the midst of getting ready for and cleaned up from Turkey Day, people will try to force the wrong kinds of food items (like the ones we just discussed) down the disposal. This leads to clogged drains and headaches.

Experiencing Problems With Your San Gabriel County Disposal? Call Team Rooter!

Now that you’ve learned the top five facts about garbage disposals, you’ll know the signs that require maintenance for your system. When you see those signs, it’s time to contact Team Rooter. Our team has been serving garbage disposals and plumbing systems throughout the San Gabriel County area for decades. Don’t delay–contact our team anytime, 24/7/365.

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