Video Pipe Inspections Save Time and Money in Los Angeles County

Having the occasional clogged fixture in your home is not uncommon. It’s annoying, but it’s a fact of life. In a lot of cases, you can remove the clog with some elbow grease and a little extra time. But what happens if you can’t see or remove the clog yourself? In today’s blog, we’ll look at some reasons to use video pipe inspections to find and address plumbing problems throughout Los Angeles County.

Professional Plumbers Use Video Inspections Throughout Los Angeles County

Once you’ve called a plumber and asked for video inspection, the fun really begins. The professional who arrives at your home will insert a snake-like camera into your pipe system to begin diagnosing the situation. The video camera is designed to take pictures and video of all parts of your system. Video inspections are faster, cheaper, and safer than traditional digging inspections.

Video Pipe Inspections Make Los Angeles County Repairs Even Faster and Easier

Using a snake camera to enter your pipe system makes it possible to have some repair work done at the same time. After fixing issues, the same camera can be used to verify that work was done correctly. It’s important to note that a quick assessment of problems can lead to quicker repair and less money spent. The use of the camera is also ideal because it involves no speculative digging into your land, which means less mess to clean up or worry about while problems are solved.

Video Pipe Inspections Can Fix Little Problems Before They Grow Larger…and More Expensive

It’s also a great idea to have your pipes inspected annually. Doing it each year allows homeowners peace of mind that their home’s pipe systems are in good shape. Additionally, any small or growing issues can be addressed quickly–before they become dangerous, expensive problems. In many cases, small problems can be corrected without significant intervention.  Trained professionals can tell if unacceptable items like grease or paper towels have been flushed in your home.

Call Team Rooter For Video Pipe Inspection ASAP

Now that you’ve learned a few of the ways that video inspections can save you time and money, it’s time to contact Team Rooter. Our team has been serving garbage disposals and plumbing systems throughout the Los Angeles County area for decades. Don’t delay–contact our team anytime, 24/7/365. We’ll be there as soon as we can to get your pipes flowing again.

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