Spot Repair
in Altadena, CA

Project Details

Sewer Line Replacement

Team Rooter technician job was to perform a 3×3 spot repair hole in front steps of the house. Technician had to excavate a 3 foot hole to have access to main sewer blockage. He also had to excavate  a second hole 7 feet deep to access the main sewer line by the property line in front of home. Once having both holes exposed hel than cut mainline from both holes to have access to run new pipe with our trenchless system method. Once new line was ran,a new line was then inserted going towards the street with the Liner method. Once both methods were complete technician then reconnected both connects back with rubber couplings and ABS plastic. In addition technician installed a 4 inch clean out by the property line for future maintenance towards the street. We will also be replacing all old cast iron pipe underneath the house and replacing it with ABS plastic. This included replacing two full bathrooms, kitchen and laundry line. Technician also installed a second 3 inch clean out in the back of home coming out of cross space. Once both were backed filled we then did a concrete patch in front of steps where first hole was excavated. All parts and labor were included with 25 year warranty.

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