Spot Repair & Hydrojetting Service
in Hacienda Heights, CA

Project Details

Sewer Line Repair
Hydrojetting Service

Team Rooter technician went out for a Main Line back up. Technician was unable to clear the blockage in the main line. We hydro jetted through the clean out that was located in front of the home. Tech had to perform a spot repair in the broken section of the pipe. We dug down deep to reach the pipe. We ran a camera after we got to the pipes to inspect the line. We had to perform another spot repair in order to perform a trenchless pipe burst method to replace the sewer line on the property. Tech had to excavate another hole at the clean out section to be able to create access for a new pipe to be installed. We trenched to connect the clay pipes. Wo rk comes with 25 year warranty all parts and labor included.

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