Sewer Replacement
in Gardena, CA

Project Details

Sewer Line Replacement

Team Rooter technician first went out to snaked our mainline through 4 inch clay clean out. Technician could not clear line, pulled back mud and roots. Best recommendation was to run camera to inspect sewer line and detect problem. Once problem was detected technicians work was to excavate about 3.5 ft trench to perform a repair on a broken section of clay due to roots. Once pipe was replaced tech then ran camera to inspect rest of sewer.

In addition technician performed a second  spot repair by the city sidewalk. Tech had to excavated 4X4 hole and dug down about 7 feet, in order to cut out old clay pipe and insert a liner going upstream that stopped right before the cast iron start (4 inch). Tech also inverted a liner going downstream for the 6 inch pipe that would stop right before the city lateral (35-45 feet of liner). A two way clean out was also installed going upstream and downstream. Job came with parts and labor and a 25 year warranty.

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