Sewer Line Replacement
in Los Angeles

Project Details

Sewer Line Replacement

Team Rooter was first called out to this property to run snake through main line. After failed attempts to clear the line Team Rooter technician performed a Hydro Blast on the line to attempt to clear the root intrusion. Once line was unable to clear technician ran camera to inspect line, and found that the line was severely infested with roots due to break in line. Technician then had to excavate at property line approx. 6 ft deep to expose old broken clay/cast iron connection and replaced with new ABS plastic. Technician also installed a fiberglass liner to reinforce and seal pipe from property line to city connection. Work included all parts and labor with a 25 year warranty on job performed.

In addition technician also replaced the sewer main in parkway area, also due to root damage that could not be cleared with the hydrojetter. Work included excavation in parkway to remove damaged section of pipe and installed new ABS plastic. Work also included all parts and labor with 25 year warranty on work performed.

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