Pipe Re-drain and Pipe Burst
in Windsor Hills, Ca

Project Details

Sewer Line Replacement

Team Rooter technician was called for a main line leek underneath raised foundation. Technician went underneath home and inspected the main line to see condition of the drains. The findings were  that approx 15-20 feet of cast iron was cracked. To repair line the technician removed approx 30ft including secondary lines of cast iron from underneath home  and replaced old pipes with new ABS plastic.Technician also performed a pipe burst starting from clean out access from side of house to house property line. The damage to the sewer line was caused by root intrusion. Pipe burst came with a  25 year warranty including parts and labor. In addition to work technician also installed a clean out near foundaition of home. Job included parts and labor with 15 year.

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