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Mainline Repair Project in Diamond Bar, CA by Team Rooter Plumbing

At Team Rooter Plumbing, we’re committed to delivering top-quality plumbing services. Our latest project involves a comprehensive mainline repair in Diamond Bar, CA. Here’s a detailed overview of the steps involved in this complex project:

Step 1: Containment Setup

The first step is to set up containment in the garage. This is crucial to keep the work area safe and clean, minimizing dust and debris during the repair process.

Step 2: Cutting and Exposing

Next, we cut out the drywall in the garage to expose the laundry P-trap and laundry line. This allows us to access the problematic areas that need attention.

Step 3: Removal and Capping

We then proceed to cut out the cast iron section and cap the 2” line. This step is essential to ensure no further damage occurs to the existing plumbing system.

Step 4: Saw Cutting and Jackhammering

Our team will saw cut and jackhammer approximately 15 feet from the garage to the driveway. This labor-intensive process is necessary to access the underground pipes that need repair.

Step 5: Stucco Cutting and Exposure

To expose the kitchen line, we need to cut out the stucco. This step involves carefully removing the stucco to avoid unnecessary damage to the surrounding structure.

Step 6: Re-routing the Kitchen Line

We then reroute the kitchen line, which requires an additional 10 feet of saw cutting and jackhammering. This ensures that the new line is correctly positioned and connected.

Step 7: Connecting the Lines

Once both lines are exposed, we upsize to a 3” ABS pipe and connect it to the main line. This ensures a robust and reliable connection that can handle increased water flow.

Step 8: Excavation

Excavation is another critical step in this project. We excavate a 4×4 section approximately 4 feet deep to expose the main line exiting the home. This allows us to properly access and repair the main line.

Step 9: Installation

We cut out the necessary section and install a 3×4 WYE fitting to connect the new kitchen and laundry lines to the main line. This step also includes installing a new laundry box and main line cleanouts.

Additional Services

  • Backfill and Compacting Dirt: After all repairs are completed, we backfill and compact the dirt to ensure the ground is stable and secure.
  • Concrete Patching: We perform a rough patch of concrete to restore the surface to its original condition.
  • Stucco Patching: Although we don’t paint, we patch the stucco to ensure a clean finish.
  • Drywall Installation: We install a new sheet of drywall, but patching and painting are left to the homeowner’s discretion.

Warranty and Maintenance

To provide peace of mind, we offer a 12-year warranty on our work. Additionally, we include a 12-year maintenance package that features annual hydro jetting to service the new laundry and kitchen lines.

This mainline repair project in Diamond Bar, CA, showcases our dedication to quality and attention to detail. We take pride in our work and strive to exceed our customers’ expectations on every job. Stay tuned for more updates and thank you for choosing Team Rooter Plumbing! 💧🔨

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Based on 469 reviews
Berge Shakelian
Berge Shakelian
January 26, 2023
Our kitchen sink was clogged over the weekend. Mike Rangel was prompt, courteous and efficient. Would definitely recommend his service
Chris Lopez
Chris Lopez
January 17, 2023
Danny C. was very friendly, knowledgeable and explained the problem with the leaking faucet. He was thorough and kept everything clean and neat. I would highly recommend this company.
Jiang Chen
Jiang Chen
January 15, 2023
Team Rooter is an honest company to do business! They take care the job warranty without a question. Three years ago they repaired my sewer line with trenchless sewer pipe replacement. Last weekend the sewer backup to bathroom again. Called their customer service, unfortunately all the serviceman are out at the time, I got a local plumber came right way to clean out the blockage. Next day called Team Rooter reported the problem, a supervisor discuss the situation with me by phone and offered sending a technician to site to investigate. Mr. James Craig came with Cam Video the next day found tree roots break into pipe through a coupler. He immediately authorized a repair job: to break the concrete, dig 3 ft down to reach and replace the broken pipe coupler. Two men crew showed up next day completed the job which could value of thousands dollars but all under warranty. A special thanks to Mr. James Craig, his is knowledgeable and friendly. His kindly smile really comforts my anxiety. I would highly recommend Team Rooter for any plumber problem because rest assure they will come back to fulfill their promise.
Allyson Tayson
Allyson Tayson
January 9, 2023
Team Rooter was very professional, nice, clean and on time. They were able to find and clear out the tree branches that were growing into our pipes and up through our toilet. I would use them again if necessary
David Castro
David Castro
January 3, 2023
Kitchen sink clean out
Cheryl Metz
Cheryl Metz
January 3, 2023
Ricardo was extremely knowledgeable and skilled. He was respectful and listened carefully to questions and concerns. He answered questions thoroughly and explained safety guidelines. The price for work was reasonable. There was no concern about being tricked or cheated. Quality of work is thorough and highly professional. This company provided me with peace of mind for so many different reasons. Stuff happens. I will call them first in the future. So glad I found them.
Ning L
Ning L
January 3, 2023
We had a slow drain issue with our kitchen sink. Had some difficulties and complication when trying to fix it. Hector came in less than one hr after the call, and quickly point out the issue and fixed everything in a clean, fast and professional manner. Price was very reasonable. Would highly recommend.
Wen Shiue
Wen Shiue
January 2, 2023
Great service

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