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What is Hydrojetting?

Hydro jetting is a powerful plumbing service that uses high-pressure streams of water to thoroughly clean and clear out clogged pipes. At Team Rooter Plumbing, we use state-of-the-art hydro jetting equipment to efficiently and effectively remove blockages and buildup from your pipes, leaving them clean and free-flowing. This powerful technique is an excellent alternative to traditional methods such as snaking, which can often be time-consuming and may not completely remove the obstruction.

Hydro jetting is a safe and effective method for clearing out a variety of blockages, including grease, sand, and debris. It is also an environmentally-friendly option, as it does not require the use of harsh chemicals. Our team of skilled and experienced technicians will carefully assess your plumbing issue and recommend the best course of action to get your pipes running smoothly again.

Don’t let clogged pipes slow you down. Contact Team Rooter Plumbing today to learn more about our hydro jetting services and how we can help you solve your plumbing problems.

Hydrojetting 4018 Unit

The 4018 unit is Team Rooter’s most utilized jetting machine. For over twenty years, this advanced drain cleaning machine has been the industry leader. The 4018 hydrojetting model uses different nozzle heads to tackle the tougher job. This unit can work in pipes from 3″ – 6″ with an outside access only.  The 4018 is perfect for all purpose cleaning, but also has the power to tackle grease, roots, residential and industrial lines.

Check Out More Pics Below:

GO 3500 Series

Gorlitz™ Model GO 3500 Series is one of our most popular and versatile large-sized water jetters. Available only as a gas model, it is strictly for outdoor use. Versatile and functional, this units are built with a simple design but offering a sturdy frame, front handle to assist during lifting, battery box, mounting rings for our supplied trigger gun, hose reel and two 8″ pneumatic tires to facilitate transportation to the job site. The mounted hose reel has the capacity to store over 300 feet of 3/8″ diameter jetter hose and is fitted with a stainless steel swivel, hose guards and adjustable reel break. The quick disconnect fittings at the pump, reel, hose and trigger gun simplify all connections. These models are powered by a dependable electric and manual start Honda GX630 engine and three piston ceramic plunger pump generating 3500 psi of pressure at 5.5 GPM to clear the most difficult blockages. Also included is the hydro-pulse feature, when used can easily blast through tough stoppages clearing sludge, grease, residues or open frozen pipes.

Mini Jetter – Kitchen Lines

Gorlitz Model GO 1500A Series are well recognized due to their compactness, simplicity, portability, and limited maintenance. It is another important tool for businesses offering drain cleaning services. The functional frame construction is provided with a carrying handle, reel accessory tube, retractable pull handle and phenol wheels for easy transportation to the job site and therefore an important tool in  All models are equipped with a custom build dual capacitor 2HP electric motor drawing 19.8 amps at full load. The duplex ceramic plunger pump equipped with dual pulsation will generate over 1500 psi at 2.1 GPH and make it the most desired small jetter in the industry to clear tough stoppages or open frozen pipes.