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What We Recommend

We recommend that you perform a periodic sewer line video inspection as a preventative measure to avoid costly repair in the future. Give us a call to schedule a service appointment.

Both residential and commercial homes use sewer line video inspection as part of their periodic sewer maintenance. Some common issues that can be found through sewer pipe inspection include:


Tree Root Invasion
Trees are found in most homes, and it is not a surprise that the tree roots can find their way into the sewer lines. These roots clog pipes and also can crack or split existing lines. Camera inspections can help detect these invasions, and the roots can be cleared from the pipe thro hydro jetting before any further costly damage is done.


You Need a Sewer Camera Inspection Services
When buying an old home to ensure that the sewer line is in a good working condition and you may not have to deal with costly repairs after purchase.
If you are experiencing frequently floods in your home during or after long shower, using the sinks, and any water or rain events


Sewer Pipe Problems
No matter the problem, a video inspection will show any leaks, cracks, or blockages that are in the pipe. It is used as a preventive step to find Sewer pipe problems and diagnosed quickly to reduce the risk of bigger problems in the near future.


Regular inspection can help discover any collections of debris. Any clog or debris that has found will be cleaned before they can cause full blockage of pipes or other problems.

Our Teamwork Makes Your Drain Work ®

From clogged drains, and inspection by high-tech cameras, cleanout of overflow, drain cleaning, sewer line repair, sewer lateral replacement, copper re-piping, hydrojetting, and a reliable, around the clock emergency service, we are ready to address a wide variety of plumbing troubles and fix them as quickly and as efficiently as possible.

Our team takes pride in providing the best for our customers.  We believe in treating every customer like a member of our own closely knit team; like friends and neighbors.

With this motto Team Rooter has become a recognizable staple in the plumbing industry providing over 20 years of technician experience to tackle any rooter or plumbing problem while forming lasting relationships with our past and present clients.

Our Repair & Installation Services

• Residential Plumbing Service

• Sewer In-Liner

• Trenchless Sewer Service

• Camera Line Inspections

• Copper RePiping

• Hydrojetting

• Clogged Drain

• Water Heater Service

• Emergency Service


Team Rooter offers quality rooter and plumbing services to our customers in the greater Los Angeles area. This has been our passion! For this reason, our TEAM of professional plumbers and technicians use the latest equipment and state-of-the-art technology to find, diagnose and repair rooter and plumbing problems for our residential and commercial customers.

We treat you like part of our TEAM; more like a friend or a neighbor and we aim to bring you the best plumbing experience possible. Whether its a clogged drain or a main sewer line replacement, when you need your job done quickly and correctly at an affordable price; contact Team Rooter . We are your top choice for drain cleaning, sewer repair, waterline repair, and more.


Sewer Repair & Replacement

Sewer repairs are not a DIY project!!!  You need the service of a professional team to properly inspect the problem because sewer functionality is a necessity in every household.


Free Onsite Estimates On ALL Sewer Problems

From residential to commercial plumbing services, our professional technicians arrive at your property on time to diagnose and offer a free estimate on all sewer related problems.


24/7 Emergency Services

Call us at any time-We offer a wide range of plumbing services 24 hours a day. We respond quickly to emergency calls to give you a peace of mind.

We are Licensed & Insured

Our technicians go through extensive in-house and “in-the-field” training, using the latest technology and techniques to combat rooter and plumbing issues.

We utilize state of the art technology to get the job done accurately and efficiently.  Team Rooter’s extensive background in all plumbing services, especially drain and sewer cleaning, will provide our customers with a top notch service and concrete, solutions.  Our trust in our team and the quality of the work they do has given us the confidence to stand behind the job we do by offering 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.

Our services include sewer line repair, drain cleaning, kitchen and bathroom plumbing, remodeling and installation for your home and much more.  We offer residential and commercial services throughout the Los Angeles, Ventura, South Bay, and Orange County.

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