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Comprehensive Clogged Drain Repair in Simi Valley, CA by Team Rooter Plumbing

At Team Rooter Plumbing, we recently addressed a challenging clogged drain issue in Simi Valley, CA. This blog post details each step of our thorough repair process, ensuring optimal functionality and customer satisfaction. Read on to discover how we tackled this project and the expert solutions we provided.

Step 1: Cable Service to Clear the Blockage

Our team began by performing a cable service from the main line clean-out access located in the garage. This initial step was crucial to attempt clearing the blockage causing water to back up in the toilet and shower. Using our advanced cable equipment, we successfully removed the immediate obstruction.

Step 2: Camera Inspection to Identify Remaining Issues

After clearing the initial blockage, we conducted a camera inspection to assess the condition of the pipes. This inspection revealed a heavy buildup of toilet paper still holding within the line. The use of our high-definition camera allowed us to pinpoint the exact location and extent of the buildup.

Step 3: Hydrojetting to Flush Out Buildup

To address the remaining blockage, we performed a hydrojetter service. This powerful technique involves using high-pressure water jets to flush out the toilet paper buildup within the line. The hydrojetting process effectively cleared the line, ensuring smooth water flow and preventing future clogs.

Step 4: Check Valve Inspection and Replacement

During our post-hydrojetting inspection, we discovered that the check valve for the line had failed. The check valve was not closing properly due to a broken connection and malfunctioning flapper. This failure was causing paper to hold in the line, leading to repeated blockages.

Step 5: Spot Repair for Check Valve Replacement

To resolve the check valve issue, we performed a spot repair where the check valve was located. Our technician carefully dug in front of the home, near the water manifold, to access and replace the damaged check valve. We used Schedule 40 ABS plastic pipe, fittings, and proper bands to ensure a durable and long-lasting repair.

Step 6: Final Testing and Warranty Information

After completing the repair, we conducted thorough testing to ensure the system was functioning correctly. Our work comes with a 5-year labor warranty and a 1-year warranty for blockages, providing our clients with peace of mind and assurance of our quality craftsmanship.